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Happy New Year.

I've noticed a few people starting this nifty little trend. I figured I'd go ahead and do it before everyone is doing it. - gasp -

Top 10 things about 2005

1) Lost
Mkay. How to do this one. It's kind of hard -- cause just in case some poor hapless soul stumbled on this entry I don't want to spoil them. Hmm. How to describe my love for this show? Got to give props to my favorite new chars. Desmond and Eko. True there was a rough patch in Lost with a certain death .. and while I don't agree with the killing off of that character I can still see where JJ was coming from. Doesn't mean I agree -- but it doesn't mean I want to crucify him. Go figure. Hmm. Ana-Lucia how I hate you. But every TV series needs a character to hate right? For Lost it's Ana for House it's Foreman come on .. it's a natural course of TV watching life.

2) House
I was given the DVD set for Xmas so I've been catching up on my favorite series. How much do I love that snarky Dr. Greg House? Too damn much. That show has got to have some of the best dialogue since ... I don't know what. Hugh Laurie deserves a Golden Globe. Is it just me or is there something hot about that scruffy old Vicodin popping cripple? Personal favorite moment? The Christmas episode? Dr. Cameron placed candy canes in their office and when House sees them he acts all offended. "ARE YOU MOCKING ME?" Heh, he holds up his walking cane. Cameron gets flustered in her usual school girl crush type of way and then House pulls a hah hah got you line. But we of course all know that he was in fact .. hurt .. deeply. - snort -

3) Rent
I still don't understand why this movie was hounded like it was. Maybe it's because I've not seen it on Broadway. Be that as it may I've had the Original Broadway Cast recording for as long as I can remember. That doesn't give me bragging rights like some Rentheads who have in fact seen the Broadway show 20 times but still .. I don't understand the backlash from the movie. I went. Saw it. Cried. End of story. I thought it was beautifully done and I loved the fact that most of the stars were the Original Cast. I felt almost like I was given the chance to see an original performance. 525,600 minutes indeed. Kudos Rent. And don't worry -- I'll be buying you on DVD in February.

4) Josh Holloway
Okay. Yes, I realize that Josh Holloway is a cast member of Lost but he's just so hot he deserves his own number right? I think he gets prettier with each episode. Granted he needs a haircut but it looks like that's going to be taken care of soon .. - GASP - SPOILER - GASP - Hmm. Go wash your eyes with acid if you don't like it. Har har. He's scruffy. His southern accent is melt worthy and just .. he's walking sex trust me.

5) Batman Begins
This movie gave me a very unhealthy Cillian Murphy fix. Pshaw -- I barely looked at Christian Bale. Okay. I did look but very briefly. I was just more interested in Cillian. Does that mean I have an attracted to villains complex? Overall the movie was fantastic. The casting was terrific and it was nice to finally have Batman get a real movie and not a joke. "The Bat-Maaaan".

6) Dane Cook
Dane Cook is a "silly bitch". Really. Those are his own words. I fell in love with him when watching a Comedy Central Presents episode back in March. I had no idea how huge he was until one day a friend of mine directed me towards his website and latest CD. He's a comedic genius. Come on who else can joke about Fruit Punch? And Quik? And Jelllllllllies. - sigh. - Dane Cook. Thank you for giving me something to actually laugh at in this depressing year. Come on. The guy wrote song lyrics to a car alarm. "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellooooooo? I'm a caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar. Gas-o-line -- makes -- me -- run. Baaaaaaackseeeeeeeeeat truuuuuuuuunk spaaaaaaaaaace."

7) Project Runway
Dear God. I have missed the backstabbing, bitch moments, and strategic conniving fashion business. And Heidi .. how cute are you with your little "bump." That's right ladies and gentlemen. She refers to her pregnant belly as .. her bump. So cute. The new show is amusing. And I can already tell that Santino is going to be the next Wendy Pepper. I hope someone finds out he has a picture of his daughter (even though the thought of him reproducing makes me want to throw up my spine,) and draws a line through it. Take that Wendy Pepper. And may you rest in Project Runway hell.

8) Serenity
Let me count the ways I love thee? The movie has actually prompted me into buying the box set. Poor Joss can't catch a break can he? They cancel all of his schtuff. But maybe that means it shouldn't have been on UPN in the first place? Not a very popular network. Tsks.

9) Dead Man's Chest trailer
That's right a freaking trailer is a highpoint for me in the year 2005. Sad? Not really. It's Jack. Captain Jack is back. Obviously POTC has a special play in my heart .. and I'm simply ecstatic about the new one.

10) The Libertine trailer
Granted I've no idea how long this movie has been in the works. I heard a rumor somewhere that it's been finished since 2004. But they're having some kind of rating dispute about it. It's not coming out till 2006, but at the moment I'm just talking about the trailer. Dear god when I saw it for the first time it was like Johnny Depp overload. In the trailer his character does this whole prologue diddy and at the conclusion he says "And I do not want you to like me." So sorry Johnny -- too late. We're gonna like you anyway. And it's going to be extremely taxing on our health.

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Wow. What an absolutely fantastic Christmas. For once I'm not being sarcastic. I feel very giddy like I don't know what to play with first.

+ Sony Laptop
+ 30 gig video iPod
+ $50 gift credit for iTunes
+ House MD
+ New Purse
+ New Backpack

- ded. -

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It's been a long time since I've updated. I guess I've just been bogged down with school. But I come with gifts ..

House of Flying Daggers icon set.
Blanks are not to be altered in any way.
Comment. Credit. Have.

a playful wind.Collapse )

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I'm so sick to death of school.

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- He's here.

- Who?

- The Bat-man!

Cillian is teh sex.

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I'm seriously obsessed with the new show on HBO called Rome. Oh my goodness it's so good. I'm a Titus Pullo fan myself. ;x

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